Fluted Doric Basin with Saucer


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I love the visual effect of fluting on my pots.  It gives an upward and graceful visual movement that one finds in the earliest of ancient Greek Architecture, the Doric order.  First appearing in the Dorian region of Greece in about the 6th century BC., Doric order design is graceful and elegant, but also associated with strength because of its masculine proportions, (as opposed to the Ionic columns that are associated with feminine energy).  Doric columns are at the heart of the 18th century neoclassical style, which influenced the architecture of public buildings, as well as elegant homes.  

  • Handthrown in Rockdale, Wisconsin
  • Fired to 2000 F
  • Fired-on mineral wash finish
  • Drainage hole allows for direct planting
  • For indoor and outdoor use, but not frost proof; store inside during winter months
  • Price Includes UPS or USPS shipping to the Continental USA
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Care Guide
This pot was fired to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, but care should be taken to not leave the pot outdoors in freezing temperatures.