Handmade white clay flowerpots in flower garden

2020 Spring Collection

Handmade Garden Pottery in the Time of Social Distancing

In the age of corona-virus and social distancing, we are not able to physically join hands with our friends and neighbors.  But human touch is so important, and the fact that these times are not "normal" makes the idea of beautiful handmade objects all the more appealing.

If you've ever tried to throw a pot on a potter's wheel, you know that it's a lot harder than it looks.  Over the years, it has become second nature to me, and is a very enjoyable, satisfying, and at times, spiritual experience.  I truly enjoy my time in the studio, although my full time "day job" managing Ecommerce for Napa Home & Garden, means that I only get studio time early in the morning before breakfast, after dinner, or on weekends.  It makes for some long hours, but making pots it is one of my passions.

My hope is that these new pots, when combined with your blooming plants and home environment, will bring touches of beauty, simplicity and normalcy back to you and your family's lives.  May we all stay safe, healthy and appreciative of each other, one day at a time, as we travel through these difficult times. 


From my hands to yours, Peter


Wakefield Studio LLC is the studio of Peter Wakefield Jackson, a potter with more than 35 years experience making pottery by hand.  Peter first started making pottery in 1971, and is interested in beautiful form, simple utility, the history of potters and pottery, and the ongoing struggle for viability in the marketplace for handmade artisan goods.

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