Guy Wolff Garden Pottery is part of a long tradition of fine craftsmanship and love for the serenity of plants and gardens. Here are some other sites on the internet where you can find a similar passion for the beauty we create around us, as well as sites that are relevant to the history, style, and spirit of beautiful gardens and fine pottery.


Wolff Pottery, Bantam, CT 
Guy's pots are available on the web, or at his studio outside Bantam, CT

Napa Home & Garden
Napa Home & Garden is our partner for selling the Wakefield Handmade, Guy Wolff Guild and Guy Wolff Greenhouse lines at wholesale.

Goods for the Garden
Goods for the Garden, the enterprise of long time friend Matt Silvern, offers a wonderful selection of garden pots and garden accessories. Pottery offerings include pots from Guy's studio in CT, from Guy's son, Ben Wolff, (who has his own studio in Goshen, CT,) and from Campo De' Fiori.

Potters for Peace 
an international network of potters concerned with peace and justice issues.

John Bartram's Garden 
The historic home and garden of the Bartrams, America's pioneering family of naturalists, botanists and explorers.

Martha Stewart 
Guy Wolff has appeared on Martha Stewart Living, discussing the historical importance of 18th century flowerpots, and demonstrating how they are thrown. Keep an eye out for future appearances.

New York Botanical Gardens 
One of the premiere botanical gardens in the world.

Ben Wolff Pottery 
Guy Wolff's son, Ben Wolff, makes garden pottery at his studio in Sharon, CT

Royal Oak Foundation 
The American membership affiliate of The National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A Place to Take Root -- The History of Flower Pots and Garden Containers in America 
The official web site of the first museum show devoted to the history of the flower pot!

The National Trust 
Guy Wolff has appeared on Martha Stewart Living, discussing the historical importance of 18th century

Info on Guy Wolff from Martha Stewart Living

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