Soda-fired baluster style pitcher, with rich honey glaze, with a simble decoration combed into the wet glaze. This pitcher is inspired by the 14th and 15th century English baluster jugs, examples of which can be found in the wonderful collection at the Museum of the City of London. The rich honey glaze, (a combination of traditional tenmoku with wood ash) was poured on before firing, leaving a beautifully inexact border between glaze and the soda-fired raw clay base.  Pitchers from this time period did not have spouts as we know them, but they still pour nicely. They also make a great vase for flowers.

Amber Glazed Baluster Style Pitcher, Soda-Fired, with Combing Decoration

SKU: 111903
  • Approximately 11 Tall x 3.5 Diameter

  • High-Fired Stoneware

    Food safe glaze;Water-tight non porous clay body, but care should be taken if using as a vase that if it sweats due to humidity, it is not on a surface that could be damaged.