This double handeled jug, with the face image is inspired by a 14th century English face jug made near Coventry.  It has the beautiful baluster form, with two handles and the image of a mustachioed man, which was applied to the wet clay in the "leather hard" stage of drying.  It is fascinating to think of the few moments when this 14th century English potter was actually applying the decoration to the wet pot:


  • What did his surroundings look like? 
  • What inspired him to make this image? 
  • Was it made for a special person, or just as a diversion from his normal production?


This particular jug is in the collection of the Herbert Museum in Coventry, and my piece pales in comparison to the grace and beauty of the original.  I've included a photo of it, along with the shots of its distant cousin that I made.

Medieval English Style Face Jug

SKU: 111947
  • Approximately 11 Tall x 3.5 Diameter

  • High-Fired Stoneware

    Food safe glaze;Water-tight non porous clay body, but care should be taken if using as a vase that if it sweats due to humidity, it is not on a surface that could be damaged.