Fall and Winter mean an end to outdoor planting in much of the U.S.  But there is color and life to be found in amaryllis, paperwhites, crocus and dafodils growing indoors as the weather turns cool. 


The double rim and fluting of this pot point the way to the beautiful blooms.  


  • Handthrown by Peter in Rockdale, Wisconsin.
  • Fired to 2000 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Fired-on mineral wash finish.
  • Drainage hole allows for direct plainting.
  • For indoor and outdoor use, but not frost proof; store inside during winter months.

#6 Fluted Amaryllis Pot

  • 11" top outside diameter x 6.5" tall x 5.5" base diameter

  • This pot was fired to 2000 degrees fahrenheit, but care should be taken to not leave the pot outdoors in freezing temperatures.