This wider profile "half" pot, features an ornamented rim made by using a "coggle" or "roulette".  This is a round clay or wooden wheel with textured decoration on it, that is run around the pot just before the potter takes the pot off the wheel.  It can be used for roping or dentil motifs under a rim, or to add texture to the full rim.  The broad rim, with a nice undercut, makes it easy to pick up the pot and move it to just the right spot.  Shown on the accompanying photos are examples of coggles I use in the studio.


  • Handthrown in Rockdale, Wisconsin

  • Fired to 2000 degrees fahrenheit

  • Fired-on mineral wash finish

  • Drainage hole allows for direct plainting

  • For indoor and outdoor use, but not frost proof; store inside during winter months

#6 Coggled Rim Half Pot

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$44.80Sale Price
  • 7.5 top outside diameter x 8.5 tall

  • This pot was fired to 2000 degrees fahrenheit, but care should be taken to not leave the pot outdoors in freezing temperatures.  

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