Ovoid crocks of the early 19th century were some of the most beautiful forms made by early American potters. As pottery production increased to meet the needs of a growing population, later versions of the crock form were made with straight sides, which offered more efficiency in the kiln.


This has always been one of my favorite early American forms, and in borrowing the form for flowerpots, I've found that the shape and proportions are a good choice for folks who want the convenience of dropping in a plant potted in a plastic grower's pot.  This one is the largest size I make, and is probably best suited for multiple plantings that will grace a deck or front porch. The sturdy lug handles, common on the utilitarian crocks of the 19th century, come in handy for moving this pot once it is planted.


  • Handthrown in Rockdale, Wisconsin
  • Fired to 2000 degrees fahrenheit
  • Fired-on mineral wash finish
  • Drainage hole allows for direct plainting
  • For indoor and outdoor use, but not frost proof; store inside during winter months

#24 Ovoid Crock

SKU: 25Ovoid
  • 14" top outside diameter x 13" tall