This style is inspired by pot shards excavated at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia. John Bartram, (1699-1777) was considered the "father of American botany", and his 8 acre garden in Philadelphia is cited as being the first true botanic garden in North America.  He regulary sent plant specimens and seeds to fellow botanists in England, and in 1765, King George III made him Royal Botanist for North America.  He is said to have used pots like this to trade plant specimens with other botanists, including Thomas Jefferson.  Flower pots with similar details have also been excavated at Jefferson's home, Monticello.  


John Bartram's son William, became a famous botanist in his own right, as well as an expert in natural history and ornithology.  His book, Bartram's Travels, published in 1791, is an extensive survey of natural history of the Carolinas south to Florida, including detailed and sympathetic descriptions of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole peoples he encountered.


  • Handthrown by Peter in Rockdale, Wisconsin
  • Fired to 2000 F°
  • Drainage hole allows for direct planting
  • Frostproof, will not delaminate due to cold weather, but will crack if allowed to freeze while containing damp soil and plant material.
  • Price Includes UPS or USPS shipping to the Continental USA

#12 Bartram, Red TerraCotta

SKU: 12BartR
  • Approximately 11" top outside diameter x 9" tall x 6" base diameter

  • This pot was fired to almost 2000 degrees fahrenheit, but care should be taken to not leave the pot outdoors in freezing temperatures.