Wakefield Studio is located just outside the tiny village of Rockdale, Wisconsin, (pop. 204), in what was once the 3 stanchion milking parlour of a 100-year-old barn.


Peter Wakefield Jackson is a potter with more than 35 years experience in making pottery by hand.  Peter is interested in beautiful form, simple utility, the history of potters and pottery, and the ongoing struggle for viability in the marketplace for handmade artisan goods.

He is a veteran of Rowe Pottery Works, which led the revival in early American style salt-glazed pottery in the early 1980's, and he founded Rockdale Union Stoneware in 1984.  Since 1997 he has focused on designing, developing and producing handmade garden pottery with potters in the U.S., Honduras, Mexico, Portugal, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. 



Wakefield Studio made the wholesale production of the Guy Wolff garden pottery line for Smith & Hawken stores for 10 years, making white clay pots in Wisconsin, Faux Finish pots in Honduras, and glazed pots in Portugal.  Through his work with Napa Home & Garden, Peter has done product development and sourcing of pottery lines for companies such as Restoration Hardware , Williams Sonoma, as well as his own Wakefield Handmade Faux Finish line which was developed exclusively for Napa Home & Garden in 2014.

Peter follows the artisan tradition of throwing each piece by hand on the potters wheel.  Before firing, he applies a mineral wash that gives a unique antiqued effect.  The pots are then fired to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to give them lasting durability.

Currently, Peter's time in the studio is very limited due to his full-time position with Napa Home & Garden, as VP of E-commerce, and doing ongoing product development.  Peter has always enjoyed the business side of pottery, but working with clay is his passion, and the time he gets in the studio is always cherished.

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