Peter and Guy first met in 1986, when both were working on projects reproducing early American salt-glazed stoneware.  They are both kindred spirits in their respect and admiration for the work of traditional potters.  Peter's focus has always been on the production and business aspects of pottery, but he is also a master potter.  He and Guy have worked together since 1996 to increase the production of Guy Wolff's designs beyond the capacity that Guy could make by himself in his small Connecticut studio.

This joint effort evolved into The Guy Wolff Guild of Horticultural Craftsmen, a network of potters around the world who have been trained by Guy and Peter to make Guy's traditional designs.

The first effort at building this guild was in Wisconsin, where wholesale production of Guy's line for Smith & Hawken was being made in Peter's studio.  At the height of domestic production, Peter was working with 3 other full-time potters to fill the orders for Guy Wolff Pottery from Smith & Hawken and other wholesale accounts.

When demand for the Guy Wolff line began to exceed what could be made domestically,  Peter introduced Guy to a group of potters that he had worked with in Honduras.  Just after the devastating Hurricane Mitch in 1998, Guy and Peter traveled to Honduras to train the potters on Guy's traditional garden pots.  The Honduran potters were very talented, and working side by side with them, Peter and Guy were able to develop a great collection of pieces in a relatively short period of time.  Sometimes, two potters working together can communicate through the clay more effectively than with language or drawings.


In the years since first developing a guild of potters in Honduras, Peter and Guy have traveled to England, Portugal, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam and China to work with potters and expand the Guy Wolff Guild.

Today, Guy Wolff Guild pots are still made by our friends in Honduras, with some also being made by a group of potters in a family run workshop in Chaozhou, China.  Chaozhou has a history of pottery making that goes back 1,300 years.  Guy Wolff Guild pottery is sold in many retail locations, and is distributed by Napa Home & Garden.