White Clay flowerpots in flower garden

Handthrown in Rockdale, Wisconsin

Making utilitarian, glazed stoneware was the early focus of my pottery work.  The aesthetic of folk pottery, made to be beautiful and functional was the inspiration that led me down the path to being a potter.  Centuries-old work from the hands of "unknown craftsmen" from Japan, Korea, England and Germany, were icons for the 20th century studio pottery movement.   20th-century potters Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada, Michael Cardew, Warren MacKenzie and others helped shape my understanding of beauty and function.  The pieces shown here were made during a soda/wood firing workshop with Minnesota potter, Guillermo Cuellar, at Adamah Clay Studios in Dodgeville, WI, and are a return to my roots in functional pottery for use in the kitchen or on the table.