White Clay flowerpots in flower garden


Soda-Fired Stoneware

What is soda firing? 

At the peak temperature, a solution of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate is introduced into the kiln.  The sodium in the solution, bonds to the silica in the clay, creating a fine coating of glass over all the pots.  On unglazed pots, this means they will have variations that range from natural clay, to burnt orange or deep red, to an orange peel textured clear glaze.  On glazed ware, the soda atmosphere gives a shimmering finish to glazes by helping them melt more completely on the surface.  All the pots food safe and will clean up easily in the dishwasher or by hand in the sink.  In fact, sometimes guest in our kitchen volunteer to was the dishes so they can handle each of the pots we've used for a meal!  My hope is that you will enjoy some of these handmade pots for dinners with friends and family.

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