One (or Two)-Of-A-Kind Studio Sale

We need to make room for Spring production, so we're clearing out the one of a kind prototypes, and limited run pieces. 

Sold Out

Thanks to everyone who ordered from our One (or two) of a Kind Sale today! We only had about 50 pieces to offer, and they sold out in under an hour. My apologies to those who were frustrated by having a shopping cart full of pots, only to find out that when they tried to check out, the pieces were unavailable. Our Shopify web platform doesn't reserve a piece for the buyer until they have completed checkout. In a special event, small quantity situation like this annual sale, it can be very frustrating for buyers. We're looking for a way to have items in your cart reserved for a certain amount of time, until you complete checkout. In the meantime, if you buy items individually to make sure you claim them before someone else, and end up being charged shipping because the total order is below $50, we'll refund the shipping charged, as long as your total orders for the day were over $50.

It means so much to me and Megan that all you wonderful people are out there wanting to buy the work that we make. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.